Fishing with the Family

Both of my daughters caught their first fish this year. When my son caught his first we had it mounted and celebrated. I was sort of expecting a similar ritual with the girls but it didn’t quite work out as I had planned.

My youngest caught a trout and immediately made me set out getting a bucket and “saving it”. It survived and we put it in our koi pond where it made all of the other inhabitants its bitches (those who weren’t eaten). I had to segregate it from the general population in a separate barrel where it lived out its days until it got too hot. I didn’t even get a picture of her with the fish.

The older daughter was late in coming and I sure was glad to see her pole take a dip. It was a surf perch and not too bad of a catch. I got pictures and started to take the hook out when the darned thing started giving birth and dropping its babies all over the pier. I didn’t even know that they did this. Katie didn’t talk to me for about 2 hours.

Fortunately, she’s a chip off the old block, now she brags that she is the only one in our family to catch “five fish at once.”

We are planning future trips and it looks like it will be a great summer.

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